Boboy Buenaventura

The subject or theme he paints is what his heart and mind conjures when he reflects on the surface of his canvas. Images of men, women and children are the subjects you can see in his paintings. His constant challenge is to always seek alternate creative processes in approach to his art. This can be seen in his artwork entitled “Birds of Paradise”. 

Elenita "Boots" Dumlao

Boots is a lady of many talents. She excels in Visual Arts (painting and sculpture, fabrication arts, print), Production Design (stage and performance space, costume design, character concepts, float design and installation), Music (composer, lyricist, singer) and in dance and theatre as a choreographer.

Nina Custodio

A work in progress - that is how Nina Custodio describes herself.  Believing that there is always room for improvement, she continues to explore possibilities and celebrates life.  An eye doctor by profession, Nina is also a columnist for a local paper and is working on a master's degree in Clinical Psychology.  Although she has only started painting 2 years ago, she has keen interest in the arts from her course of Art History from the University of the Philippines.

Kublai Millan

Kublai Millan is a prolific artist from Mindanao known for his giant sculptures. Aside from being a sculptor he is also an art photographer, painter and digital artist. Kublai started his career when he made all the artworks both inside and outside of his family's hotel. Born in 1974 he studied in the University of the Philippines with a degree of Fine Arts after which he dedicated his time painting and sculpting the culture of his homeland, Mindanao.

Rosamond Salazar Alejar

Rosamond started painting 3 years ago at the urging of her father who believed in her ability to paint. Sadly, he passed on before she could show him her art. Initially schooled as an Interior Designer from the College of Fine Arts of University of Santo Tomas, she diverged into the field of nursing, but now luxuriates in the freedom to create paintings that she only saw in her mind. She dedicates her creations to her dad and sister who have passed on.

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